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Anti Aging Holidays exists to provide an inspirational, educational and adventurous holiday for those seeking to up level their health while enjoying an incredible holiday at the same time. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients through an experience where learning and doing is at the heart of the business. You will get stronger. Guaranteed. You will improve your fitness. Guaranteed. You will lower your blood pressure if this your goal. New habits will be created and real changes will result from participating in our signature 30 Day Turn Back the Clock Program.
RPM Health Club operates the Anti Aging Holiday Program and is located within the Royal Phuket Marina of Thailand. The entire program is based within this luxurious and very relaxing environment tucked away on the east coast of Phuket. When you stay at Royal Phuket Marina apartments you benefit from having RPM Health Club and excellent dining options right on your doorstep. This means not having to deal with the traffic in Phuket and living exclusively in a beautiful quiet oasis on the water front. This location also allows you easy access to local islands by boat during evenings and weekends.
We want you to have fun and experience a profound change in your well being while also enjoying the people, culture and surrounding delights of Phuket. We invite you to explore what you can do with your mind and body and are here to guide you towards a younger stronger you, every step of the way.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

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