Daily Personal Training & Movement Program

Personal Movement

Personal Training and movement programs are based on your unique mind-body and current internal state of well-being (stress response systems, nutrient absorption systems, detoxification systems, metabolic systems, emotional well-being, etc). This is important so that we can support you through your movement on a daily basis and ensure we deliver what is right for you. It is important to note we do not prescribe to the, ‘more is better’ doctrine. We work with you personally to prescribe movement that suits your individual needs. In many cases clients are surprised to find out that less is more! We aspire to help you enjoy moving and understanding this is a key component to anti-aging and building a strong immune system for your future.
Detoxification & Energy Building Protocols
Healthy Heart & Blood Pressure Lowering Protocols
Personal Strength Gains for Body Fat Reduction

Your Schedule


Two sessions per day in the Club tailored to your individual level


Heart Health, Group Class Options, Fitness Improvements, Cleansing and Detoxification Protocols


Physique Training, Functional Strength Training, Flexibility and Massage Therapy

Late Afternoons and Weekends

Exploration of local islands, scuba, fishing, sightseeing, travel, free time

Your Advantage

Weekly Private Consultations and Educational Seminars

Participate in inspirational and educational experiences to help you achieve your health goals.

Personal Guidance every step of the way

Benefit from daily question and answer sessions on anything related to health and fitness.

Ongoing Follow Up & After Care Service

Stay motivated, on track and in touch, so that you stay on track for the long – term.

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