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Photo:Emilie Bailey

“Hayden lives what he teaches every single day, and he is the best example of his own holistic approach to wellbeing. He’s great fun to train with. Follow his instruction and you will definitely see results; not just a physical transformation and an improved level of fitness and core strength, but long-term benefits from his knowledge of nutrition and understanding of the body-mind relationship. If you’re committed to changing your lifestyle for the better, Hayden will guide you through it.”


Barrie Buck
General Manager Siam Guardian Services

“I started on the brain, body health and fitness course with Hayden for several reasons. My age, my job, my family and my lifestyle. All these things come together nicely into what Hayden is developing in his coaching techniques. Hayden brings total honesty into every session we have, mixed that with his enthusiasm and knowledge and you have a very powerful piece of kit. His knowledge on the workings of the body dovetailing with weight loss and weight gain makes the lessons extremely valuable. We undertake a combination of training and coaching which offers me as a bored gym user a new dimension and a fresh insight into what I need to be doing. Working out, training or coaching with Hayden has shown me as we grow older and our bodies change so must our perspective in everything we do. I will continue to be a part of Hayden’s game changing lessons.”


Dawn Fritsch
Fitness Instructor

“I know some-one that can help you. He helped me last year when I couldn’t get any diagnosis from medical experts and no one knew what was going on. He managed to get to the bottom of things. His name is Hayden Rhodes and I can honestly say that he saved my mental state and my body as everyone was telling me it was all in my head. Highly recommended.”


Ambre Saurat

“Meeting Hayden has probably been the best thing that could have happened to me this year, he helped me get through my health problems, but more important he helped me to retrieve self confidence and self esteem. Everything has been just going better and better from the moment he started coaching me. He’s a great listener and gives great advice. I’m really thankful for everything.”


Andrew (Andy) Joyce
General Manager Sales
Ex Pro Golfer

“It has been a real pleasure and a very informative and fun process on my journey thus far! It is so refreshing to talk about what you can do/eat as opposed to the usual CANT’S. Hayden has a real positive approach to the mental and the physical. For me so far the best part is learning to be curious and not beat myself up too much. Hayden is not judgmental but will hold you accountable for your actions! I must say the guy knows his stuff!”


Bryan Hoare
Hawaii Iron-Man 4X Competitor

“Hayden has an enormous understanding of the function of the human body, mind and spirit. The holistic (whole) functioning of the ‘person’ and what aspects of lifestyle can be changed, adjusted, and tweaked to get the most out of life.
Hayden does nothing by halves; in his life, in his work and in his play he is able to balance the needs of those around him with his passionate desire for health, life and abundant growth. Although I am a trained physiologist and competitive triathlete, I have often been a seeker of his advice about ways to improve my fitness and health; whether excruciating sciatica, lower back pain or severe digestive problems.
I go to Hayden knowing that I will be treated with great respect, that he will research the solutions with enormous care and I will have some insightful initiatives to maintain and develop my fitness and health“


Philippe Jarry

“After a tragic accident that led to several fractures and the amputation of my right leg, I was in a terrible state both physically and mentally. As an active person I was determined to get back into shape as soon as possible. Hayden was my training coach in Phuket prior to the accident. His expertise, thorough understanding of the body and unique teaching approach was the combination of skills I needed to reach my goals. The rapid results I achieved in the past and the friendship we developed made him the natural choice after my tragic accident. Through a series of training sessions that lasted five months, I was able to recover muscular and mental strength as well as build up stamina. It was Hayden’s energy, motivation, professionalism and mental support that enabled this rapid recovery. When I met my surgeon again in France, he was truly impressed by my progress.
Over time I achieved more than health, mental strength and better performances, I gained a friend as well.”


Akarasate Jivavisitnont
Business Owner

“Hayden changed my life. His coaching has been amazing. I first asked for his help to rehabilitate my knees after surgery. I and my doctors were very impressed with the speed of recovery, increase in energy and the way he taught me to strengthen my entire body. I never really liked strength training before but after everything in my body improved and I went from an injured 80kg chubby guy to a lean strong 71kg 42yrs young guy – my life changed.
My energy is amazing, by belly fat is low, my strength is at an all time high and I have learned so much. Compliments.
I worked out on my own for 3 months and nothing changed in my body, then I spent 3 months coaching with Hayden and everything changed for the better. My lifestyle improved, my eating is enjoyable, my energy increased, my friends compliment me on my body shape and even ask me for advice!
I have learned more about my body and how I can look after it in 3 months than during the rest of my life, plus I am no longer injured, training on my own I used to get aches and pains.”


Philippe Jerry

“Hi Hayden,
At the hospital I saw the doctor who operated on me last year. He was very surprised to see me in top form. When he saw my leg he asked me, what did I do? I told him, “I had a very good coach in Phuket”. Thanks to you, I feel much better than a few months ago. My improvement is incredible, everybody here noticed it. Thank You for your patience and your excellent teachings during these last months. I already purchased the items you mentioned so I can continue my training so mentally too I feel good.
As soon as I receive my new prosthesis, I am going to cycle. I had some problems again with my prosthesis and had to make a new one.
Thank You for the video and again Thank You for the classes you gave me.”


Raymond Gregory
Business Owner

“Hayden is one of those people driven for knowledge to improve his life and the lives of others through demonstration teaching and coaching. He has an infectious energy that he uses to motivate others to act and have fun. As a bonus; he is also always leading by example.
He helped me develop incredible strength, power and endurance for what is known as one of the most challenging bike races on the planet – The Transalpine – and he ensured we not only finished, we competed respectively.
He changed my life with regard to dropping belly fat, personal body shaping, personal power and self esteem and my ability to pursue athletic endeavors like surfing, snowboarding and ultra endurance events.
He is a joy and strength to be around and learn from, especially if you want to improve your life, lifestyle and overall well-being.”


Sascha Yourieff
Reiki Practitioner

Hayden has continued to motivate and encourage me towards my goals of health and happiness – helping me determine which foods and workouts are best suited to my mind body and soul. He always takes the time to listen and give advice based on a wealth of information; I am very thankful for everything Hayden has done for me. Cheers, dude!”


David Yourieff
Investo Yacht Racer

“Hayden has an amazing ability to relate to people of all ages, genders and races. He also is one of the few people around who truly understands holistic well-being with the skills to communicate, demonstrate and teach how important it is to balance one’s mind, body and lifestyle. He practices what he preaches. If you want practical guidance steps to enhance your well-being, Hayden is highly recommended.”


Steve Forrest
Professional musician  PLACEBO / Hayduke / Planes

“Hayden Rhodes is an outstanding teacher, who has helped me to build strength in both my mind, and body. I spent the better part of five (5) years on tour with Hayden and I can honestly say without a doubt he is one of the main reasons why my mind and body stayed together through the grueling and long schedule. I want to know how much you helped me throughout our time together. Without you mate, I would have crumbled so many times. You are one of the kindest, most sincere people I have ever met and am honored to have spent the time with you learning everything that I did as well about mind body and soul. Hayden’s one on one approach really helped me to find my own stride when it came to training in the gym, doing yoga or Tai chi in the park, or just simply stretching and meditating before a gig to prepare myself. With so much experience under his belt, I don’t reckon there’s anybody he couldn’t help to wake up each day happy and healthy.”


University Student Bangkok

“I have not regretted the past 2 months that I have spent here (at RPM Health Club) I have so much fun here and I have received many good things. Before I came here, I never gave any importance to exercise because I thought it was tiring and boring, but since coming here I have seen exercise in a new light. I no longer find it boring; I actually enjoy it very much. I can’t believe that now I can exercise without feeling bored. Even though it is tiring, I still like to run, work out and shape up day in day out. There are many things in life; eating, playing, music, listening to music, but one thing that I never thought I would like, is exercising! I don’t actually know when I started to like it, but I really enjoy it every time I exercise. I feel so happy to have got to know the people here, making new friends, a new social group, because everybody here are so nice. This establishment has given me things and experiences I have never had before. This establishment has opened my eyes to new things, not to be afraid to try new things and that it is better than not doing anything. I feel extremely lucky to have joined the RPM Health Club.”


Alexandra Phuc Muller
Marketing Manager

“Hayden genuinely desires people to improve their own health. He is very committed, motivated and passionate about the benefits of health, fitness and better lifestyles. He provides practical methods and expert knowledge in this field along with the science to back up his teachings. He is upbeat and brings a lot of energy to the people or projects he is involved with – so be prepared to move!”


David Lapedus

“I’ve known Hayden for over six years, both as a friend, colleague, and personal trainer. As manager of Cascade Club, and, later, RPM Health Club, he was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and an excellent motivator of his staff. As a trainer and coach, Hayden is very knowledgeable, and he can communicate and motivate this knowledge with people at various levels of fitness. Then combine this with sound advice about life style and diet. If you would like to improve your health, fitness, and lifestyle, I can recommend Hayden.“


Christian Prieur
Regional Manager Southern TL

“Hayden Rhodes brings a unique definition to what being fit really means. He is truly one of the few fitness trainers that encompasses all aspects of health and fitness by understanding that while cardio, strength and flexibility are the foundations for a strong body, you must also incorporate the importance of one’s state of mind to achieve true well being. Hayden is a clear communicator and uses a variety of exercise techniques in and out of a sporting environment to guide people to better health and happiness! He has promoted this concept through his position as the Club Manager at RPM Health Club over the past 5 years. The club has always been known for its high end fitness equipment and training facilities including the one of a kind new Group Training Studio. With Hayden teaching his Personal Trainers and coaching members how to be “Healthy”, the club is now solidly recognized as the place with true professionals who can guide individuals on a correct path to a healthier and better lifestyle.”


Craig Elliot
Law Enforcement Officer

“Hayden has an amazing ability to balance life and make it fun. Most, if not all the folks I know, wherever they are, have no idea of their potential. They choose work, goals, relationships, family, money; whatever they think is crucial in their lives. They don’t grasp the importance of connecting the dots. Hayden – you do because you are successful in most areas of your life, but without the ego. A rare occurrence. You’re a living example of what’s possible when someone finds true balance. A loving family, health, physical fitness, spirituality, the ability to earn a living while having fun and doing something you love. You are able to motivate others by giving them powerful reasons. I think fun and balance are the keys here. You have a huge ability to encourage, support and make them believe and understand that the distractions they focus on are temporary and that a happy life is not only possible, it’s necessary. I’m very proud of you mate, I follow your FB stuff and wish you and your family nothing but the best.”


“My athletes are very lucky to have Hayden as their sports strength and conditioning expert. They continue to go from strength to strength. He is a fantastic coach that delivers results. Highly Recommended.”

Khun Didi
Thai National Team Coach

“The combination of industry knowledge and ability to tune in to athletes of all ages has made this past 4 weeks a fantastic experience for our BISP Swim Academy athletes. With World Championships, Junior Worlds and Commonwealth Youth Games coming up over the next 6 weeks, this training camp utilizing the functional training studio at RPM with Hayden has been invaluable. Thank You Hayden, Joe and the RPM Team!”

Simon Jones
BIS Head Swim Coach


Jutta & Stefan

“Hier ist die perfekte Umgebung dafür, sich selbst mal wieder zu resetten. Wir haben durch die Unterstützung von Hayden und Armin alte Trainingsfehler behoben und wieder einen Zugang zum regelmäßigen Training und Spaß an guter Nahrung gefunden. Alles am Körper ist wieder straffer und wir sind viel fitter als vorher, was uns auch immer wieder von anderen gesagt wird: Ihr seht aber gut aus! Und das motiviert natürlich das Gelernte zuhause weiterzumachen!”